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Help Employees Improve Work-Life Balance

Finding a work-life balance isn’t easy. It’s imperative for an individual to have their employer’s support to achieve this. A person can only do so much if their job is demanding most of their time. In some cases, businesses consider the number of hours an employee spends at work or the amount of time they take off to be a direct reflection of their commitment. Thankfully, more and more organizations are recognizing that people need a work-life balance to be more productive. Helping your staff attain this goal will not only improve their daily operations, but also decrease the organization’s turnover rate. Some benefits a business can offer to aid its workers are:

Flexible Schedule

Create a program where employees can take a day or half-a-day off by working extra hours during the week. This will assist your staff to have some time to work on personal tasks, be with family, or have an extra day before the weekend. 


Allow your staff to work from home. It doesn’t have to be every day, but some days during the week will help. Nowadays, technology provides the option to authorize employees to access the company network from home. They can also communicate with coworkers and managers from anywhere in the world, as long as an internet connection is available. This will give flexibility to their schedule and allow for less time commuting.

Paternal Leave

In most countries, parents are entitled to a maternity/paternity leave when their baby is born. The length of the leave will depend on the employer and government laws. But what most companies don’t offer is a leave that allows parents to take time off when their child is sick or for other emergencies. Employees always appreciate when management understands their needs and provide priority to family matters.

Lights Out Program

Establish a day during the week when no one can work overtime. This policy will ensure that staff members who often work extra hours take a much-needed break.

Vacation Time

Make sure your employees don’t work for longer than two years without taking a vacation. According to a study, around 40% of Americans don’t take vacations. To avoid this, provide all the necessary tools, like work back-up, to complete jobs before their absence.


If your business can afford it, provide childcare and fitness amenities at work. These onsite services allow your employees to spend less hours commuting and more hours taking care of their children or themselves.

Supporting your employees to achieve a work-life balance will entail happier and healthier staff. Not to mention, higher productivity and lower turnover for the company. Create a win-win situation for everyone.


– Viviana Sanchez