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How to Build Your Team’s Vision

A strong, cohesive vision isn’t something that management can force. It must be something that you sell like any other good product. Your workers have to really believe in what you’re doing for it to be a legitimately unifying narrative. Below are a few tips for getting your team on the right track.

Understand Your Audience

What might be inspiring to one employee might simply instill apathy in another. Think about how they see their role and what they do. Learn more about what motivates them and incorporate that into your vision.

Focus on the Why

People need a reason to become invested in something. Simply speaking to your employees passionately about something isn’t going to win them over. Make it clear how their role contributes to the overall mission, and more importantly, how the company achieving its goals will benefit them. It’s naïve to assume that employees will be invested in the company’s success for its own sake, so making that connection between their personal goals and the organization’s will help engage them.

Encourage Collaboration Over Competition

A great vision should encourage employees to band together to achieve their goals. Good worker relations will build strong team dynamics that boost performance better than pitting workers against one another.

Daily Operations Should Reflect Your Vision

Too many companies will preach a certain set of values and then operate in a completely contradictory manner. For example, one of your company’s tenets is transparency, that transparency needs to extend beyond just being open to co-workers and clients about your processes. Management must also be transparent about why certain decisions are being made. Similarly, if your company is focused on open communication and collaboration, managers need to be part of the conversation and brainstorming as much as anyone else. They shouldn’t just delegate the thinking to other people and then shuffle back into their office. Employees should feel that their daily reality accurately reflects the company’s values.

There are plenty of different ways in which you can establish company values that your staff will internalize. Just remember that your team is made up of human beings with their own unique desires and beliefs. Design your vision with that in mind, and you should see great results.


– Lance Wang