Jobs for Different Myers-Briggs Types (EN)

[Note: This article is first of a four-part series of posts.]

Self-knowledge is never a bad thing. With the general acceptance of personality tests being used in corporate settings, individuals have been doing evaluations of their personalities to see where they are best suited to work. Among the most popular tests is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), which defines 16 varieties of personalities based on a person’s placement on four trait spectrums: introversion (I) versus extroversion (E), intuition (N) versus observation (S), thinking (T) versus feeling (F), and judging (J) versus prospecting (P). This helpful (but not necessarily definitive) tool is available for free on websites like 16Personalities.

Below is a guide for extroverted and intuitive personality types who are curious about what it may indicate for their careers.

ENFP – Sociable and enthusiastic

The energetic ENFP type is excited by all the possibilities around them and may struggle to settle on one career, perhaps ending up with many over the course of a lifetime. They are great communicators and enjoy the human sciences, like psychology and politics. They are also naturally curious and like to be able to push ideas and boundaries at work. These dynamic workers can work in many different fields.

Jobs for ENFP: Advertising creative director, TV reporter, event planner

ENFJ – Inspiring and charismatic

The ENFJ type loves helping others more than anything else and looks for meaningful work to do so. Common career fields are social work, teaching, and counselling where they can help individuals, but helping entire groups is also viable. They tend to focus on people and not on details, which can lead to stressful situations, but they can envision things in the long-term.

Jobs for ENFJ: Public relations executive, corporate trainer, sales manager

ENTP – Smart and engaging          

Seeking mental engagement is important for ENTP types. These people enjoy intellectual challenges and finding solutions. These versatile minds can work in many different fields although not all jobs will offer the kind of brain stimulus or autonomy that they crave. They can be very persuasive in their arguments and have little concern for other people’s feelings.

Jobs for ENTP: Entrepreneur, real estate developer, political consultant

ENTJ – Strong-willed and imaginative

Natural-born leaders, ENTJ types are driven, organized, and charismatic. Their forceful personalities can draw or repel people, but they expect the best from themselves and others. They are likely to become executives and entrepreneurs, pushing their visionary ideas out into the world and mobilizing others along the way. They are also skilled communicators and strategists and are very unhappy as low-level employees.

Jobs for ENTJ: Executive, lawyer, venture capitalist

Rose Ho | Staff Writer