Jobs for Different Myers-Briggs Types (IN)

[Note: This article is third of a four-part series of posts.]

Self-knowledge is never a bad thing. With the general acceptance of personality tests being used in corporate settings, individuals have been doing evaluations of their personalities to see where they are best suited to work. Among the most popular tests, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) defines 16 varieties of personalities based on a person’s placement on four trait spectrums: introversion (I) versus extroversion (E), intuition (N) versus observation (S), thinking (T) versus feeling (F), and judging (J) versus prospecting (P). This helpful (but not necessarily definitive) tool is available for free on websites like 16Personalities.

Below is a guide for introverted and intuitive personality types who are curious about what it may indicate for their careers.

INFJ – Quiet and Idealistic

The rarest type of all, INFJs require meaningful work that aligns with their strong morals. They are less swayed by monetary gain than they are by helping others. Their out-of-box thinking may land them in the creative industry as artists and writers. These high-integrity individuals also enjoy having a sense of autonomy to grow independently. Their creativity makes them suitable in many industries.

Jobs for INFJ: Therapist/counsellor, social worker, diversity manager

INFP – Altruistic and Creative

The expressive INFP type enjoys using their imagination to create satisfying work. Many are drawn to the performing arts or storytelling. With their deep ability to care for others, they may also end up in service or counselling roles. They do not like working in stressful or bureaucratic environments but will tolerate a lot in order to fulfill a personal mission to help others. They require a balance of independence and structure.

Jobs for INFP: Psychologist, writer/editor, HR development trainer

INTJ – Forward-thinking and Strategic

The INTJ type loves solving big problems elegantly and doesn’t enjoy waffling around. Small tasks can bore them and having to handle other people may seem tedious. They prefer to cut through the noise and find efficient solutions. They are highly committed to excellence. However, they may run the risk of alienating the people working around them due to their independence and disinterest in socializing.

Jobs for INTJ: Project manager, systems analyst, software developer

INTP – Innovative and Thoughtful

The contemplative INTP is often lost in thought and in an endless, internal debate of ideas. Their ability to brainstorm can be extremely useful, but they may struggle to move beyond the realm of ideas into actually bringing something to reality. Their rationality may make it difficult for them appreciate other people’s emotions, but they are not against connecting with others.

Jobs for INTP: Computer programmer, architect, economist

Rose Ho | Staff Writer