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The Benefits of Getting to Know Your Employees

The comparison between business and sports isn’t new – a company is like a team; the manager is like the coach. The employees, or players, have their own roles (positions) in the overall game plan. Every time you close a deal or make a sale, it’s like a victory. Haven’t had many victories recently? Need a stronger and more efficient squad? Want to win the championship of business?

The answer lies within the saying, “Know those who labour among you.” Be acquainted with each employee individually, both personally and professionally. Still not motivated to score the goal of familiarity? Here are some benefits of getting to know your employees:

Effective Motivation

Not every incentive is stimulating in the same way to every worker. Announcing an ugly Christmas sweater contest might immediately get one employee planning what to wear, while another might be more interested in the meal choices at the holiday dinner. The point is, everyone is different. Organizing office events and developing work incentives according to your employees’ interests and personalities will produce better responses and more excitement, which will lead to greater results. In return, your team will be more co-operative with management and their increased engagement and commitment will catalyze profits and business growth.

A Stronger Team

When the relationship between a coach and their team is solely based on commands, with little to no appreciation of each individual player, it’s a breeding group for resentment and losses. Put yourself in the players’ shoes and think about it: how pleasant is it have orders barked at you, especially if you don’t have the freedom to suggest otherwise? Not very. What about being able to get advice, even stern advice, from an individual who you consider to be a mentor, someone who treats you with respect and is of respectable character? Sounds much better, doesn’t it? It’s the same when it comes to the workplace. A boss who honestly cares about each person in the office, and not just about profits and numbers, is much easier to work for. Knowing the skillset and communication style of each team member is crucial to a playing smooth game and achieving winning results.

Greater Profitability

Even though this might be the most obvious benefit, it’s far from the least important. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each employee will result in more effective task delegation and better outcomes for both the employees in question and the business overall. Familiarity will also aid in creating a work environment where management’s interests naturally become those of the workers, and vice-versa. When a company doesn’t have to waste time dealing with internal strife due to misunderstandings, more energy can be directed towards generating sales and revenue. The healthier the connection is within, the stronger the team is, ready to face any challenge with confidence.

Any great sports manager will tell you, if you know your team, you will know how to win.

Y. Kowlessar | DBPC Blog