How to Prepare for a Video Call Interview

With the rise of remote working and the prevalence of Zoom meetings, many companies have shifted to the video call method of job interviews. Although an easy, convenient time saver (no more travelling to a strange, new office building and sitting in a waiting room with other candidates!), it comes with plenty of its own special considerations. Poor internet connection and background noise can cause worry. And suddenly, not only is your outfit part of your first impression but your whole screen too! To mitigate anxieties, below are some tips for preparing yourself for video call interviews that will help you worry less.

Test the Tech

The day before your interview, make sure your computer is updated, the necessary software is downloaded, and your sitting area has a strong internet connection. If it is your first time using a piece of technology, like new headphones or webcam, try it out with quick video call to a friend or family member. Make sure they can hear and see you and vice versa.

Clear Your Space

When you’ve located the spot in your home with the least ambient noise and the strongest internet connection, clear away any visual distractions like piles of laundry or loose papers which can make you seem like a disorganized future employee. Pick a neutral-coloured wall to sit in front of or set up a makeshift background with curtains over a curtain rod or shelf. Make sure you are in a well-lit area.

Gather What You’ll Need

It can be a little awkward to switch back and forth between applications on your computer. Try to have your resume and other documents printed out on your desk for ease of reference. Set aside your phone so that you are not tempted to look at it while being interviewed, which could be perceived as a sign of rudeness. Have paper and pen ready just in case you need to make notes.

Pick Your Whole Outfit

Even though almost everyone has gotten more comfortable while working from home, avoid wearing casual clothes during your interview. A clean button-up shirt and proper pants (not pajama bottoms!) will put you in the right mindset and help you dodge embarrassment if you need to stand up at any point. Although the culture at the company you are interviewing for may be very informal, it is better to be slightly overdressed than underdressed.

Listen Carefully and Speak Slowly

During the actual interview, take your time and make sure you hear everything the interviewer says and asks. Speak clearly in case the internet connection gets choppy. Reduce distractions by changing the video settings so that you can focus on the interviewer more than yourself. Don’t get too stressed if there are technical difficulties that crept up in spite of everything you did to be well-prepared. Everyone has learned to be more forgiving so you can be too.

Rose Ho | Staff Writer