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What Great Employees Do Differently

There’s a lot of competition in the workforce, not just in terms of finding a job, but also when it comes to securing a promotion or raise. Being a good worker isn’t enough; most employees in a company are good. Great employees possess some special characteristics that differentiate them from the rest. They do things differently and take advantage of opportunities presented to them.

The following are some of the traits a great employee should have:

Proactive. Waiting for instructions and only doing what’s required is what an average worker does. A great employee will go further, even if there’s risk. They go the extra mile to make a difference and they’re the ones who take on the tough tasks that others aren’t willing to do.

Passion. They love their job and are enthusiastic about it. They come to work not just for a paychecque or a promotion, but for the satisfaction of what they do.

Ambition. Career success is one of their main goals. Employees who are driven to succeed will help a company succeed. They innovate and come up with new ideas and are always looking for new ways to make procedures more efficient and effective.

Autonomy. The ability to work without close supervision is key for effectiveness. A manager will thrive with staff that doesn’t require too much hand-holding or supervision. Employees who understand instructions quickly and are able to help others do so are a valuable asset to any company.

Energy. People with a positive attitude and good energy aren’t just more productive, they also help make the work environment more enjoyable. Having someone on the team who is always enthusiastic and eager to help others succeed in their own roles contributes to a better work experience for everyone.

Reliability. This is one of the most important aspects of a valued employee. Having someone you can trust and depend on is key for the success of any manager or organization. It’s imperative for a great employee to be dependable. Supervisors will be able to trust that any job given to that person will be done on time and accurately. A person anyone can trust and rely on is a true asset to any business.

Knowledge. The individual knows their job inside and out and is familiar with the organization and how it works. They know how to excel and understand how to best meet company goals. A solid grasp of the company’s mission is important for them and knowing their supervisor or manager’s leadership style is key to their success.

Being a great employee takes time and dedication and feeling appreciated and recognized also helps motivate workers to continue to overachieve. A good business owner or manager will make sure to focus on these characteristics in their employees. Even if an employee likes their job, feeling undervalued will affect their efforts and negatively affect their performance. Knowing what behaviour to look for – and reward – will help your company be the best it can be.

– Viviana Sanchez