[Note: This article is fourth in a four-part series of posts.]

Self-knowledge is never a bad thing. With the general acceptance of personality tests being used in corporate settings, individuals have been evaluating their personalities to see where they are best suited to work. Among the most popular tests, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) defines 16 varieties of personalities based on a person’s placement on four trait spectrums: introversion (I) versus extroversion (E), intuition (N) versus observation (S), thinking (T) versus feeling (F), and judging (J) versus prospecting (P). This helpful (but not necessarily definitive) tool is available for free on websites like 16Personalities

Below is a guide for introverted and observant personality types who are curious about what it may indicate for their careers. 

ISTJ – Practical and reliable

A stalwart group, ISTJ types work behind-the-scenes to get necessary things done. Rational and methodical, they do well with processing data, following rules, and upholding standards. Their patience and practicality make them steady workers and, luckily, they make up a large part of the population. They are very self-sufficient and dedicated to excellence.

Jobs for ISTJ: Auditor/accountant, chief financial officer, government employee

ISTP – Bold and experimental

The ISTP types love unpredictability and problem-solving, making them versatile workers. They tend to thrive as engineers, designers, and crisis responders. They prefer some aspect of freedom and experimentation at work, easily getting bored by schedules and repetition. They may prefer the dynamism of entrepreneurship but will need to have strong, long-term strategies for success.

Jobs for ISTP: Civil engineer, fire fighter, ER doctor

ISFJ – Protective and dedicated

A high proportion of the world population falls under this category. Modest and hardworking, the ISFJ type is not a natural leader but enjoys serving others. These warm and reliable people tend to work in conservative fields, such as medicine and academics. They are important contributors to society but are often overlooked. They are surprisingly social for introverts and enjoy interacting with new people.

Jobs for ISFJ: Dentist, elementary school teacher, customer service representative

ISFP – Creative and sensitive

The unique ISFP type is a true artist, endlessly creative and unconventional. Visual arts, music, and design are their natural fields of work and life. They may struggle with long-term planning or staying on task, so freelancing can be their preferred working style. They wish to help others and enjoy making environments beautiful for themselves and others. They prefer tangible, hands-on work instead of theoretical thinking.

Jobs for ISFP: Fashion designer, physical therapist, landscape architect

Rose Ho | Staff Writer