Jobs for Different Myers-Briggs Types (ES)

[Note: This article is second of a four-part series of posts.]

Self-knowledge is never a bad thing. With the general acceptance of personality tests being used in corporate settings, individuals have been doing evaluations of their personalities to see where they are best suited to work. Among the most popular tests, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) defines 16 varieties of personalities based on a person’s placement on four trait spectrums: introversion (I) versus extroversion (E), intuition (N) versus observation (S), thinking (T) versus feeling (F), and judging (J) versus prospecting (P). This helpful (but not necessarily definitive) tool is available for free on websites like 16Personalities

Below is a guide for extroverted and observant personality types who are curious about what it may indicate for their careers. 

ESTP – Action-oriented and popular

Most likely to jump in and act, the ESTP type is bold and busy. They are great at networking and love to take risks. They detest rules and structure, making them somewhat difficult to control. Naturally improvisational, they excel at sales, negotiations, and performance, and thrive in competition. They prefer to be their own bosses as they tend to trust only their own instincts.

Jobs for ESTP: Investor, entertainment agent, athlete

ESTJ – Organized and stable

The responsible ESTJ type brings structure and dependability wherever they go. They are loyal and traditional, often having long careers in law or medicine. They are strong managers and highly organized people. They dislike people who are unprincipled or inefficient. Hardworking and steady, they serve as ideal employees.

Jobs for ESTJ: Business administration, pharmacist, lawyer/judge

ESFP – Energetic and fun

Incredibly empathetic, ESFP types tend to reflect the energy of the environment around them. They love to bring excitement to other people’s lives, perhaps through event/trip planning or through sales and consulting. They are resourceful and social, responding well to crises. Many also prefer to exhibit a personal style and indulge in their passions. They crave social interactions at work and desire to be well liked.

Jobs for ESFP: Event planner, paramedic, interior designer

ESFJ – Caring and social

The practical and helpful ESFJ type excels in many roles. They are organized and social, making them great team players. Due to their high dependability, they will not shy away from performing monotonous tasks at work. They value teamwork and are not afraid of wielding authority in a sympathetic way. Overall, they are optimistic and happy people.

Jobs for ESFJ: Teacher, healthcare worker, social worker

Rose Ho | Staff Writer