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3 Mandates Every Employer Should Follow

Job seekers tend to do a lot of research into what employers want from them, but few put as much time into thinking about what they should expect from their employers. Below is a list of mandates that any good employer should follow to function well as an organization and maintain the loyalty of their workers.

Ensure Their Health and Safety

Many seem to assume that this point is only relevant to companies asking their employees to perform physical tasks, but this can easily apply to a typical office setting as well. Saddling your employees with unrealistic goals or huge workloads can take a heavy toll on their mental and physical health when the long hours they spend trying to meet unreasonable targets start to add up. Make sure that both their physical and mental wellbeing are taken into account when developing work policies and assigning tasks. Otherwise a burnt-out, less effective staff and high employee turnover are likely in your company’s future.

Create Opportunities for Employees to Grow

Without room to fully utilize their individual skillsets and advance within the organization, employees will inevitably become bored or dissatisfied. Employers should take the time to provide workers with chances to expand their knowledge and entrust them with new responsibilities and opportunities. In doing so, the company will be rewarded with higher rates of worker retention, job satisfaction, and a healthier, more vibrant office culture as a whole.

Build Trust into Hiring and Work Practices  

If you focus on hiring people you trust to work independently, you’ll avoid falling into the trap of micromanaging your staff. When workers are polled about company engagement, trust is consistently one of the most desired traits that workers look for from management. Strong hiring practices will ensure that your company only hires people that fall into that coveted “trusted” category, which will in turn cultivate better relationships between employees and management.

At the end of the day, companies have a responsibility to make themselves appealing to people seeking employment. Just as the average job seeker will spend a great deal of time perfecting their resume and interview skills, companies should work on improving their work culture and streamlining their processes to not only be more efficient, but also more people-friendly as well.


– Lance Wang